2018 Holiday Sessions {What to Wear}

The 2018 Holiday Session are fast approaching, and we can’t wait to capture you all in our amazing Holiday Set. We have creating a gorgeous set for you this year. It will be simple, timeless and festive, leaving you with images you can enjoy forever.

Our set this year is mostly neutral in color with a white antique sofa, hints of black & white buffalo plaid and holiday greens. This set should make it so you can coordinate a variety of colors and styles of outfits. To help you one step further, we have put together a wardrobe guide to help you along.  As always don’t hesitate to contact us directly with specific questions or help making final selections.

2018 Holiday Wardrobe Guide

  1.  Choose your style. Is your family a bit more dressy or does causal fit you best?  A dressier looking wardobe, with tulle, blazers and sparkle will work great. Or feel free to be a bit more casual with sweaters and jeans. Both styles will look great!
  2.  Coordinate don’t match. Coordinating colors versus matching outfits creates a strong image. You can begin by selecting a color palette (ie navy, tan, mustard and cream or pink, burgundy, cream and tan), there are many color palettes that will work with this set.  Another way to select your color palette is to select an outfit for one person in your family that you love and build your outfits around that.
  3. Textures. A mix of many textures looks great in images. Textures could be knits, fur, silks, velvet tulle, etc. Mix away to add more more depth!
  4. Accessorize. Don’t hesitate to wear scarves, vests, hats, bows, jewelry to complete your look.
  5. Patterns are Great. Don’t hesitate to using florals, plaids or stripes in your wardrobe. Choosing subtle patterns work best.
  6.  Avoid bright and neon colors. When colors are too bright they don’t photograph well and take away from focusing on you.

For more ideas on styles and colors take a look at our pinterest board for great ideas https://www.pinterest.com/babyfaceomaha/what-to-wear-2018-holiday-session/ . And as always don’t hesitate to contact us directly for help.Holiday-Sessions-2018-fb-cover


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