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DSC_6007e-copyWhen you think about why you want to hire a photographer, what reasons do you come up with? Is it about getting photos because your friends are? Is it about capturing your family with the most recent trends in photography? If so, you may be looking at photography the wrong way. For me a photography session is about almost everything but the photos themselves; it’s about the experience, it’s about you, your loved ones, their personalities, your memories and the true connection only you  know – there just happens to be a photographer there to capture it.  Every life is a story and to me photography is about capturing every chapter and turning it into a piece of art that can tell your story for generations to come.

These are some of the reasons why I got into photography in the first place. For me it all started well before I even knew I would become a photographer. It was from the beginning of my own life story. Growing up in a small town with a huge family (60 first cousins alone) my childhood memories are flooded with joyous, fun family gatherings. As far as I can remember my extended family would gather for any occasion they could think of.  Countless amazing memories that I wish I could bottle up and give to my own children.

Fast forward through high school, college, and into my career, things slowly changed for me. I became wrapped up in my friends, focused on the good times in college then later became obsessed with my fast growing career in fashion. All these chapters worked out rather well although I was growing (and moving) further from my roots.

After living 6 years in Arizona, my husband and I felt that there was a huge part of us missing…our family and friends back in Nebraska.  We made the move back to the Good Life. A couple years later my husband and I were blessed with the most amazing miracle and life changer possible…we were pregnant with our first child. Quickly finding myself back where it all began with a focus on family.

liv at park

We knew as soon as our sweet girl arrived that our lives were forever changed.  I resigned from my career to stay at home and focus on raising our baby. At this point I convinced my husband that we should get a “professional” camera so I could take professional level pictures of our life with our new child.  I was in love with this little girl and was photographing her every move. Along with those super sweet father daughter moments. Perfect, right? I was I so wrong.

As I started learning photography I was devastated to learn that there is so much more to photography than owning a good camera. Such a big turning point in my life, while being such a huge regret, as I missed capturing quality those first months of my daughter’s life that I will never get back. As I spent countless nights and “spare time” studying photography I quickly fell in love. Every moment I wasn’t focused on my daughter I was practicing and studying. And of course even when I am with her I am chasing her sweet little face with my camera.

Today I find myself in a place I didn’t ever think I was headed. But there couldn’t be a more perfect place or a more perfect job.  Capturing the love, joy and beautiful memories for families is as rewarding as any job could be. And even better, with a specialty in newborn photography I am so incredibly blessed to capture these first life moment with other families time and time again.

child park picture

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