Lola {omaha newborn photography}

Newborn GirlNewborn Girl

If you’ve had any children you know what a large task taking a new baby out of the home a few days after being born can be.  So many things involved; getting each family member ready, dressed, packing diapers, milk, toys, extra outfits all while being quite sleep deprived.  Because of this, what I really love about the Babyface Newborn session is that it takes place in the comfort of each family’s home.  Afterall, you are capturing one of the biggest moments and memories of your life, it should be an experience that is comfortable, easy and enjoyable. And with this very session I love that I was able to see the clients home. After walking through their gorgeous home, it was very clear that this family had a huge appreciation for photography and preserving their memories. And seeing there home in person gave me a clear vision on their style.  All this was the last piece in creating custom set ups that would display perfectly in their home.

Now I am sure you are wondering who this gorgeous girl is from this session I am talking about. Well with all the newborns I have photographed I am blown away how beautiful each and everyone of them are. I often get the feeling that I am blessed with the sweetest and cutest clients. This  angel sure confirmed that.  Little Lola is just about as beautiful as they come. We photographed Lola on day 10 of her life and she was just a sweet and gentle as she was pretty.  Looking forward to more sessions with Lola and her sisters.



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