Newborn & Infant Photographer Omaha {Twins}

There is nothing I love more than photographing newborns. Ok, ok, ok, maybe there is something I love more…newborn twins.  This is always the most incredible experience. If you know what goes into newborn photography, it may seem a bit overwhelming and while an extra set of hands is necessary, I’ve always had a very smooth experience photographing them.  It always starts with wrapping them up and photographing them together. Why, because that is where they have been for 9 months, together in the womb. That is there comfort and when you watch them naturally snuggle up together it is incredible.  Actually if either baby gets fussy (and we know they are full with clean diapers) putting them together always helps.  And the beauty of this is, you know this won’t just be there comfort zone when they are babies but as they grow old and experience life together.  Doesn’t it make you wish you had a twin sibling?! 😉

Now enjoy one of the most amazing sessions I have had with twins. Not only were they incredible but so was their family! Such a joy to work with!Twin Newborn, Infant and baby Photographer in omaha