Omaha Newborn Photography {Kaiden}

Here is what I love about what we do at Babyface Photography…we make your photos about YOU!! Afterall, these are your memories. And when it comes to capturing your new baby, these are times that you can’t get back.   So with out doubt, its important that you have these memories captured.   But it truly isn’t as simple as that.  There is so much that goes into newborn photography that its important you know what you are choosing when you.  What we pride ourselves on is timeless images that are designed around your style, images that are as unique as those in them, quality images that you know will last for many generations and a truly amazing experience.

So when I say there is a lot that goes into newborn photography, I believe one of the most important of that long list is knowledge.   One of those things on that list is to know when you can photograph newborns.  Typically its best to photograph newborns somewhere between 5-12 days after birth.  This is when they are their freshest, smallest and so curly and sleepy…which makes for amazing photos.  And in this case when momma contacted me and let me know baby was almost a month old, I was a quite hesitant.  Only because I couldn’t guarantee we could get those sleepy, curly newborn photos.  But I let her know that this was a possibility that we may not get those photos she was looking for but I was still willing to give it a try. AND boy, I am so glad we did. This almost one month old was amazing.    And his adorable older brother was equally amazing. Making for one of my favorite set of sibling shots to date. Check it out for yourself…Omaha Newborn Boy Professional Photography

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